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ELI - Boca Raton - Florida USA


23 June - 20 July 2024


10 - 17


US$ 5,100


2 Weeks

Includes free 1yr online course
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Why this Programme?

  • Situated at an elite private boarding school

  • Only 45 minutes from Miami, FL

  • Stunning high quality 80 acres campus home to a state of the art Wellness Center

  • Campus also include a wide variety of sport facilities

  • Exclusive opportunity to experience targeted academic programs, global leadership development, and exposure to an authentic North-eastern Camping experience.

  • Personalised Program for students

  • Truly International Environment

  • International students integrate with American campers

  • Students will learn first hand about American culture

About the Course

Global Leadership Course (high-intermediate and advanced level only)

This course is for those who have a more advanced English language level, Activities are designed to teach the skills anchored on Cultural Intelligence, Communication Strategies, as well as Critical and Design Thinking that are necessary in today's modern, global society.

Also Students learn better when the class extends outside of the classroom. campers integrate with American campers. Utilizing the English language, students will learn firsthand about American culture through experiences and engagement through their newfound friendships.

An Academic Tutoring and Test Preparation course (SAT, ACT, TOEFL) is also available.

Package Includes:

  • 2 weeks stay

  • 15 hours per week of targeted Academic Lessons

  • Full board Residential Accommodation in a brand new International Village

  • A comprehensive program of evening activities within the Night Owls program est. in 1998

  • Individualised curriculum derived from intake process and in-person evaluation to facilitate student growth and development

  • Internet access

  • End of course Certificate and progress/growth report

  • 24 hour supervision and security within a gated 80-acre campus

  • Airport transfers to/from the campus

  • 1 Year Free online course

  • Placement test

  • Teaching materials

  • Comprehensive insurance

About the School

An elite private boarding school, 45 minutes from Miami, FL. Students will be able to create a personalized program that meets both their language needs and broader interests while developing relationships with children from all over the world that will last a lifetime.


  • State of the art, 22 million dollar International Village

  • Provides ultimate security and peace of mind

  • male and female campers housed in difefrent floors

  • 24 hour supervision


Full board meal plan

Morning fruit breaks

Afternoon canteen available daily

Campus facilities:

  • Professional Turf Athletic Field

  • Weight Room, Fitness and Yoga Studios

  • Modern Classrooms

  • Baseball and Softball Fieldss with Batting Cages

  • 5 Tennis Courts and Soccer Fields

  • 2 Olympic Style Pools

  • 2 Indoor Professional Style Gyms

  • 3 Science Labs and Media Center (Ipad Lab)

  • 4 Art Studios and Dance Studios

  • Nike Rubbiresed Track

  • Pool Wibitz and Waterslides

Activites and Trips

Afternoon and Evening Activities including:

  • Swimming

  • Hip hop

  • Water slides

  • Track

  • Yoga

  • Music

  • Sports

Trips - excursions vary between one and two full days and include:

  • Beach

  • Disney

  • Universal

  • Water parks

  • Boomers

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