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We offer 4 main types of Programs:

Online Courses (English only): Our very High quality courses are a truly cost effective way to improve your language skills before your course abroad or to keep practicing, after. Can be done anytime and everywhere. All you need is a PC and Wi-Fi connection.


Residential Summer Courses: We offer a wide variety of Residential Junior Summer Courses, but we also offer: Exam Preparation, short term High School Exchange Programs, Sport camps, and Work Experience Programs, Teacher training Programs. They are for all ages and at all levels.

Career Orientated Courses: These programs include  Summer Junior Courses in top class schools and Career Oriented  Programs for Young People, on request we also have Language courses for Specific Purposes and Industries and Inter-Cultural Courses, Business Etiquette and Effective International Communication in Business and Diplomatic Fields Courses.

High School Programs: Aimed at those students that are looking for long term courses, our top of the range products come with a highly personalised and bespoke service . Students will be followed personally, step by step by the TECLA Languages Founder herself.


Learn a language abroad with our professional advice and continuous support

students in the classroom

Elevate your personal and career skills to new heights with these premium programs.

courses in the USA

Get exclusively crafted programs and personal guidance from the founder herself.

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