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The American School in London


Academic Year 2024 - 2025


13 - 18


From £28,491 £56,965


Semester to One Full Year

Heading 2

TASIS England is a leading international day and boarding school for students aged 3-18. Their 46-acre campus in leafy Surrey, just outside London, provides excellent facilities and an environment where students are inspired and nurtured as they learn and grow.

About the Course

TASIS England is an international day and boarding school with a student body that includes over 60 nationalities. All students have the option to attend as day students and their boarding program is offered to those aged 13-18. Within our residential program, students have the opportunity to grow in independence as they learn to take responsibility for themselves and build lasting relationships with other young people from around the world.

Students immerse themselves in a broad and demanding program of study that incorporates a rigorous “regular” level curriculum, including over 20 Advanced Placement courses, the opportunity to earn an International Baccalaureate Diploma, and an extensive English-as-an-Additional Language program.

They prepare their students for the challenges and opportunities of the future by recognizing each individual's unique strengths, interests, and skills. Their experienced faculty delivers the combination of challenge and support your child needs to reach their full potential. They’re passionate about providing a personalized learning journey for each learner.

They offer two Programmes: IB and AP (Advanced Placement Programme)


  • Recognized for university entrance in over 70 countries. National curriculum equivalence around the world

  • A two-year program of study for Grade 11 & 12 students

  • Six subjects; Theory of Knowledge Course (ToK); Extended Essay (EE); Creativity, Action, Service (CAS); requirement

  • Subject exams graded 1 to 7 with additional points awarded for ToK and EE (Max 45)

  • Graduates are awarded the IB Diploma (Bilingual diploma possible) and the American High School Diploma


  • Recognized for university entrance in over 70 countries

  • One-year course per subject. Students can start at different grade levels

  • A range of 20 courses in the humanities, social sciences, modern languages, and STEM fields

  • Subject exams graded 1 to 5 (3 is considered a passing score)

  • Many students who earn the American High School Diploma also becomes AP Scholars based on individual achievement.

Some colleges and universities throughout the world offer college credit based on achievement

Opportunities to explore the breadth and depth of multiple subjects.

The Boarding Programme for the Grades 8–1 2 Fee includes:

  • Tuition,

  • Residential accommodation and full board

  • Loan of textbooks

  • Most IT and laboratory fees

  • Annual laptop maintenance

  • Some classroom materials

  • Most curriculum-related activities and field trips

  • Travel insurance for school-sponsored trips

  • Weekly linen service for bed linen and towels

  • Access to free laundry facilities

  • Access to the on-campus Health Centre. 

  • For Grades 9–12, the costs of the October Travel Week are included in the boarding fees, however parents must register their child for the trip to participate.

  • For Grade 8, the Start-of-School Bonding Trip is mandatory and costs are included in the boarding fees. 

Do NOT Include:


  • Private medical insurance

  • Uniforms

  • Varsity sports travel and equipment

  • School-sponsored overnight trips (except October Travel Week or Middle School Bonding Trip)

  • Costs of external exams such as the SAT, AP, or IB exams

  • Charges related to vaccinations

  • Child Student or Student Visa expenses.

  • Fees for boarding students joining TASIS for the first or second semester only:

First Semester Only           £31,937

Second Semester Only      £28.491

TASIS England offers an excellent boarding experience on their 46-acre campus, set in beautiful grounds in Surrey, near London. In their international boarding school program, students (aged 13 -18) have great fun while gaining independence, responsibility, and respect as they share experiences and develop life-long relationships. 


Approximately half of their Upper School students and some of their eighth grade students live on campus. Their boarding houses are supervised by a caring boarding team who are committed to making the residential experience safe, friendly, warm, and enjoyable. With their guidance and encouragement, each student will develop the empathy, resilience, and confidence needed to make their pursuit of academic excellence achievable and fulfilling.

They welcome students from all over the world to join their vibrant, inclusive school community. Students form life-long friendships and make lasting memories as they live and work together and enjoy a varied program of travel, social, and weekend activities. 

Rooms are typically shared between two or three students, each with a different home language to encourage the use of English and to share and celebrate the diversity of their internationally minded community. All meals are provided, and the on-campus Health Centre ensures that health care is available if required.

Families looking for a boarding school in the UK appreciate the international nature of the residential community. With more than 200 students from over 30 countries, the TASIS England boarding program provides a structured environment in which young people of all nationalities and backgrounds flourish as they live, learn, and laugh together.

Their expansive Surrey campus offers the dual advantages of excellent facilities on its stunning grounds as well as proximity to vibrant, bustling London – the perfect location for weekend excursions and activities.

Academic Journey

From Early Years to Grade 12, the school's dedicated faculty oversees teaching in small classes that enable the combination of support and challenge needed by each individual student.

As well as academic help, advisors and school counsellors are on hand to provide advice and guidance along the way. Throughout the four years of Upper School, students also receive extensive college counselling as they identify and apply to colleges and universities around the world.

Co Curricular Activities:

All students are encouraged to take part in the school's comprehensive range of co-curricular activities. TASIS England has extensive grounds and excellent modern facilities for sports and the arts. The School hosts many student music recitals, theatre productions, and art and photography exhibitions as well as sports fixtures and tournaments during the school year.

Events at the School

The school's active parent organizations ensure that everyone in the family feels as much a part of a welcoming international community . Events held throughout the year include settling-in support for families in transition, informative topical seminars, and a variety of opportunities to socialize with other families.

Includes free 1yr online course

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