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J-1 Exchange Program - USA


01 September 2024 - 25 June 2025


15 - 18


US12.000 or US$11.000


1 Academic Year or 1 School Semester

Heading 2

About the Course

This Programme is your ticket to an authentic taste of life in the USA. "You'll live with a local family and go to school, just like any American teenager.

It's an experience that can truly transform your life!

Choosing this program means you're in for a real cultural adventure, with no need to pick and choose where or with whom you want to stay. It's all about embracing the full American experience!"

Why choose the J-1 PROGRAM ?

  • The Experience of a Life time

  • Low cost program

  • Will have a great impact in your future career

  • Cultural High School Program

  • Students will be hosted by Volunteer Host Families

  • Study in an American public school

  • Live as an American teenager

  • State and Regional choices available for an added fee


  • Application Fees

  • ELTis English test

  • Consultation meeting with the candidate (online)

  • Support in filling the Registration online form and Visa application

  • School tuitions

  • Homestay

  • Health Insurance

  • Transfer from the airport to the host family and vice versa (at the beginning and end of the programme)

  • 24/7 Emergency assistance

  • Meals

  • SEVIS Fee

  • Custodianship (Constant presence on site of a guardian who will look after the wellbeing of the students)

  • Constant Programme Supervision

  • 1 Year- Free online course


Student can choose a preferred region or state if desire, for both Semester and Academic Year

Students can choose up to 3 states (except Utah and Alaska) and a good faith effort will be

made to place the student in one of the 3 preferred states, however due to teh nature of teh programme and the huge requests, there is no guarantee that a student will be placed in the preferredregion or state. If a placement inthe chosen region or state is not possible, no extra fee is collected.

Student cannot reject a placement because it is not in the preferred region or state.

There is no guarantee that a student will be placed in the preferred region or


The additional charges are:

For regional choice: USD 500

For State choice:

  • Alaska: USD1.100

  • California and Hawaii: USD 1.300

  • Florida, New Jersey and New York: USD 900

  • All other states: USD 700

Our J-1 Program comes at an unbeatable price of just $11,000 for a School semester or US$12,000 for the Academic Year—a remarkable deal that you won't want to miss. It's not just a program; it's a gateway to global experiences without breaking the bank.

Don't let this chance slip away; enroll now and embark on an enriching journey at an incredibly affordable cost!

Includes free 1yr online course

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