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Tecla Languages - The UK's Number one organizer of English courses for people of all ages and summer camps for teenagers in the UK, USA and Canada


Our mission is to:

get you to speak English in the quickest and most effective way, while at the same time have fun and live an amazing experience in a truly international environment.

English Language Courses in London – Learn to Speak English with Tecla Languages

At Tecla Languages we believe that the best way to learn a new language is to spend time in the country whose language you are learning, and have fun while you are there!

We specialise in offering high quality English language courses that are run by accredited and established schools and private tuition from well-known and affirmed professional teachers and speakers.

Our courses cater to a range of age groups, from 8 to 18, and we also run a number of courses for adults wanting to improve their English and to make new friends! We offer courses of varying lengths, from 2 week city stays to 8 week excursions at locations around the world.

Tecla Languages also offer students of all ages the chance to holiday to English speaking countries in order to socialise while you study, providing a holiday packed with sporting and social activities in an international setting!

Our English language excursion packages include accommodation and meals at the school, college or university where you are staying. You will have a set number of hours dedicated to lessons per week and there are excursions available to allow students to explore some of the most iconic cities in the world.

So if you’re looking for the opportunity to learn a new language and make new friends, why not consider one of our English language courses in the UK? Check out our list of English language courses in a number of English-speaking countries – including the United States, Malta, Canada and Australia.

Our English language school is based in London, but we operate all over the UK, including some of the most historic and instantly recognisable cities, including Edinburgh and York. We also offer a range of online English language courses for those who cannot make it to the classroom, providing flexibility when you need it.

We offer a first-class, hassle-free service with the support of friendly and knowledgeable people, so if you’re looking to improve your English and make new friends while exploring some fine cities, browse one of our courses and contact us today to see about our 2019 excursions!

We guarantee

  • That you will learn English in the quickest, fun, and most effective way.
  • Very good quality courses in accredited schools and colleges.
  • A First class total hassle-free service and the support of TECLA Languages that will look after your interests and well being.
  • A holiday packed with sports and social activities in a safe, truly international, buzzing and stimulating environment.
  • An unforgettable experience you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • A whole new circle of International friends that will turn you into a truly COSMOPOLITAN and culturally aware person.

Improve your English, develop your cultural awareness and grow your social circle of friends from all over the world, TECLA Languages, the one stop first class service for a truly enjoyable language holiday experience!

Don’t hesitate, visit our English courses page now, and if you have a query contact us.