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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

TECLA Languages Limited is a company registered under the laws of England and Wales (“TECLA”, “our”). TECLA’s contact details are One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA, United Kingdom, email:

These Terms and Conditions cover any bookings of packages made with TECLA and any use of TECLA’s website located at (“Website”). These Terms and Conditions apply to our contract with you the customer, any visitor to the Website (“You”, “your”) and any student or students (“Student(s)”) participating in the packages offered by TECLA and purchased by YOU.

In using our Website You consent to all our terms and conditions, including where appropriate, the use of cookies for tracking and marketing purposes.

Website Use

You may use the Website for your own personal use and to check the availability, suitability and purchasing of the packages offered by TECLA. You may also use the Website to obtain further booking information as so required by You. In using the Website, you are consenting to information being presented to TECLA that is caught under the Data Protection Act 1998 and pursuant to our Privacy Policy. TECLA store all personal information about You and Student(s) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Copyright Material

You shall not copy, interfere or otherwise tamper with the Website. All materials including text, photographs and similar copyright material (“Copyright Material”) placed on the Website are owned or licensed by TECLA and no further use of the Copyright Material may be made without written permission from TECLA. Copyright Material must not be incorporated into any third party brochures, advertisements, or similar documents in hard copy or electronic format without express permission. Where such use is permitted by TECLA, all such Copyright Material shall be accompanied by the wording “Copyright © TECLA Languages Limited”. All agents of TECLA shall enter into separate written agreements covering the use of the Copyright Material for the sale and advertisements of TECLA services.


The Website contains various links to third parties and their websites. TECLA shall not be held responsible for any information on these websites, or information provided by anyone other than TECLA. TECLA shall not be held liable for any representation made on any links associated with this Website. You must ensure that all information obtained through third parties linked to this Website is accurate. You must comply with the terms of use of any website linked to this Website.

Package Arrangements

A package under these Terms and Conditions is defined under Package Travel Regulations 2002 (“Package”). TECLA is responsible for providing You with all the details necessary for the Package you have purchased from TECLA. These shall include accommodation, transfers, courses, activities and associated entertainments.

In order to book a Package with TECLA, you must be over 18 years old or have the written consent of a parent or someone with parental responsibility.

TECLA will not normally be involved in booking travel to the UK, USA or Canada from overseas. It is up to You to ensure that all travel plans are confirmed and paid for with the relevant provider. You are required to ensure that you have a passport that is valid for travel and a valid Visa to the UK, USA or Canada as so required. You are referred to the relevant links on the Website to UK Border Agency website at or or

TECLA shall not be liable for and does not accept any responsibility in relation to You and/or the Student(s) for failure to obtain a valid Visa. TECLA will endeavour to assist You and/or the Student to obtain such a Visa if requested by You but it shall not be held responsible for any Visa refusal.

You must be aware of your country’s requirements on the laws regarding unaccompanied children travelling abroad. A consent document or letter may have to be produced upon departure to prove that the child/Student has the permission of the parents or guardian to travel.

To ensure that individual junior Students travelling alone, and small groups of junior Student(s) travelling without a group leader, are not held up at immigration, upon request, TECLA will issue a letter of confirmation to be shown upon arrival.


TECLA is acting for a variety of English language schools (“School(s)”) and English language courses (“Course(s)”) as an agent, and shall not be held responsible for the Courses as so provided. Any difficulties or complaints that arise as a result of the Courses during the Package You purchased from TECLA should in the first instance be taken up with the School providing the Courses. TECLA can only become involved in these discussions once You have raised any issues directly with the Schools and You have first attempted to resolve the matter directly.

Schools providing Courses do so on the understanding that Student(s) conduct will at all times be responsible and considerate and upon the terms and conditions of the School. TECLA and the Schools reserve the right to:

  1. Set appropriate standards of behaviour.
  2. In the event that  Student(s) behaviour falls below the standards reasonably expected of students TECLA may remove the offending Student either permanently or temporarily from the School and their accommodation.
  3. Immediately terminate the Package for the Student.
  4. Arrange for the Student to be repatriated.
  5. Not provide a refund for the part of the Package not taken.

Courses and Course Content

In order to attend a Course the Student’s level of spoken English must be at least elementary. Total beginners will not be accepted in general group tuitions. TECLA shall not be liable to You and/or the Student(s) if the School refuses the Student on the basis of an insufficient level of spoken English. Please check with TECLA if You have any concerns in this regard.

Courses are offered subject to demand. The School reserves the right to cancel a Course or make changes to Course arrangements without any liability if obliged to by circumstances beyond its control or due to low demand. In such cases the School would seek to offer alternative arrangements, dates or venues.

When necessary, the School reserves the right to alter the timetable and/or to transfer Student(s) from one class/Course to another, from one time of study to another and to merge small classes or cancel classes and Courses.  Student(s) cannot change from a full time course to a part-time course or to one to one class. Especially during the summer, when the Schools becomes very busy, Schools may use additional class rooms in other buildings located near the School, including other local colleges/schools/universities.

Behaviour of Student(s)

Group Leaders booking Packages with TECLA must speak good English and shall remain at all times responsible for the smooth running of the Courses. In the event that Group Leaders do not speak good English and the School is obliged to use one of their own staff, thus incurring extra cost, TECLA will charge such costs to You.

Group Leaders shall also remain responsible for the conduct of Students under the age of 18 in their group.

Student(s) and/or Group Leaders with Students under their care must ensure that:

  1. Student(s) behave in an orderly and disciplined fashion.
  2. Student(s) attend courses punctually and with enough equipment for the course / excursion to be completed.
  3. Student(s) wear appropriate clothing for any outings, excursions or entertainment provided as part of the Package.
  4. Student(s) are punctual and on time for the start of entertainment, activities or excursions.
  5. Student(s) have enough money to pay for any extras on excursions not expressly included in the Package.
  6. Students are properly supervised during activities and excursions.

Where the conduct of any Student falls below the standard of behaviour reasonably expected at the School, TECLA and the School reserve the right to immediately terminate the Package with no refund of money to You, the Student or the Group Leader.

For the avoidance of doubt immediate termination of a Package will arise in the following circumstances:

  1. Any criminal conduct whatsoever by a Student or Group Leader.
  2. Any drunken conduct by a Student or Group Leader.
  3. Any unruly or negligent conduct by a Student or Group Leader under the influence of drugs.
  4. Any anti-social or rowdy behaviour which may lead to disturbing other Students, residents or otherwise causing a breach of the peace by a Student or Group Leader.

The final decision over termination of the Package is solely reserved to the School and TECLA.


TECLA will provide host families for the Student(s) based upon the following criteria:

  1. Students will have a room (which may be shared) and breakfast and dinner with the family.
  2. Accommodation shall be a short ride by public transport to the School.
  3. Accommodation shall be in a safe area for Student(s).

During high season period it will not always be possible to allocate families close to the schools in case of late bookings.

A host family shall not be held responsible for Student(s) personal belongings. TECLA reserves the right to change host families and allocate alternative accommodation without prior notification.

The accommodation rent is valid only for the Student(s) and dates specified at the time of booking. Any changes of dates must be notified to TECLA in writing or via email, at least two weeks before travelling.

If Students in home-stay wish to leave earlier than the dates they have booked they must give 7 days notice to the host family (unless the Student(s) have submitted a complaint about the family).

TECLA will send You confirmation of your accommodation details after you have paid in full the Course fees and rent and You have provided TECLA with evidence that the Student(s) have received the necessary Visa (if required).

Client Money

TECLA are not bonded by ABTA or any similar organisations. However, TECLA operates a client account for Your money (“Client Account”) which is held by them on a simple trust for your Package. Money so held on account in a Client Account may only be refunded in certain limited circumstances which are expressly set out in these terms and conditions.

Enrolment, Payment and Reservations

To avoid having too many Students of any one nationality at the School at any one time there is a limited number of places on every Course for each nationality. You should therefore make a reservation as early as possible.

To make a reservation TECLA must receive:

  1. The Enrolment Form with as much detail as possible about the Student.
  2. The balance of the total invoice must be credited to the TECLA Client Account no later than 40 days before the arrival date. If such balance is not paid by that time the booking will lapse.

The Enrolment Form on its own does not constitute a reservation and does not guarantee availability of places. If You apply for summer courses after 15th April You should contact us first to check availability of places in the School(s) of your choice. Places cannot be finalised until payment is received. Fees are only accepted as having been paid when they have cleared in the TECLA Client Account. TECLA reserves the right to charge interest on late payments.


All payments made by credit or debit card are subject to the Distance Selling Regulations and any fraudulent payments by card will be refunded.

It is essential that TECLA are notified of any medical condition from which You and/or the Student(s) suffer at the time that a booking is made so that TECLA can assess whether the School is equipped to deal with that condition. If the School is not equipped to deal with such medical condition, TECLA will decline the booking for You and/or the Student(s) concerned.

If You and/or Student(s) arrive with a serious medical condition not previously disclosed You may be asked to leave if the School feels that it is not equipped to deal with You and/or the Student(s) in that condition. In this case TECLA and the School itself will be under no obligation to refund any part of the fees and You and/or the Student(s) will be solely responsible for meeting the costs of the journey back home.

TECLA reserves the right to vary charges for Packages, where the cost of overseas English language Courses varies because of currency fluctuations. Where such price changes arise, TECLA will endeavour to inform You of the changes in writing.

In accordance with the Distance Selling Directive, you have 7 days from the date that you received full details of Your Package to change Your mind and ask for a refund. This refund will be made from TECLA’s Client account. TECLA will send you all the information regarding the Package via e-mail and by post but it is your responsibility to make sure that you and/or the Student(s) have received it before travelling.

Changes to Enrolment

TECLA reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £100.00 each time Course details are changed after documentation has been issued and sent with a confirmation. This charge will not apply to Course extensions. However in the event of a Student deciding at any stage not to continue his Course, the School and/or TECLA shall not refund any part of the Package.

Tailor Made Packages

Tailor made Packages are made to measure to the needs of the Student(s). Please note that a fee of £150 will have to be paid before TECLA start creating the tailor made Package. Such fee will then be discounted from the total price of the Package.



TECLA can, by using an independent third party, offer You and/or the Student(s) a fully comprehensive insurance package designed to cover loss of and/or damage to personal belongings, medical expenses in the event that the Student is ill or injured and course fees in the event of an expected cancellation or curtailment of the course.

You are not obliged to buy this insurance through TECLA and may make your own arrangements as You so require. TECLA reserves the right to be shown group and individual insurance policies.

Should You opt not to take out any insurance TECLA shall in no way be held responsible for You and/or the Student(s) and TECLA shall not be held responsible for any refund due to accidents, illnesses, loss, theft, course curtailment or any other circumstances.

Force Majeure

TECLA shall not be held responsible for any failure to comply with any of its obligations if the failure is occasioned by any cause beyond TECLA’s and/or the Schools reasonable control nor shall TECLA be held responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of a Student and/or You as a result of any such cause. Such causes shall include but shall not be limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster and unusually adverse weather conditions.

TECLA will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the necessary care for a Student affected by causes beyond its control but the cost of extra accommodation, travel and other expenses thereby resulting will have to borne by the Student. In any such case, the Student might have to be housed in emergency accommodation which may not be of the same standard or located in the same geographical area as the accommodation that would otherwise be provided by us.


You, the Student(s) and the Group Leaders are subject to any terms and conditions of the relevant School. A copy of any such terms and conditions shall be provided to You upon booking.

 If You cancel the Course(s) before arrival due to visa refusal and/or the Student is refused entry to the UK, providing such visa refusal or refused entry is not related to any fault of the Student and/or You, TECLA shall at entirely its sole discretion either:

  1. upon receipt of the original written visa refusal/written evidence of refused entry, refund the Course fees in full minus a £100 cancellation charge and the registration fee paid, or
  2. postpone the Package until such visa refusal and/or refused entry issues are resolved.

Please note that You must apply for a refund within 1 month of the visa refusal date,

If, in TECLA’s sole opinion, the Visa refusal is due to a fault of the School, You will get a refund equal to all Course fees paid and TECLA will assist You to reapply for a Visa. No additional compensation will be given.

If you cancel your Course before arrival for any other reason, refunds may be given entirely at TECLA’s sole discretion and will depend upon the relevant School’s policies on refunds.

Refund of accommodation fees are entirely at the sole discretion of TECLA and will depend upon the terms and conditions agreed with the provider of the accommodation.


The Schools from time to time may take photographs and videos of You and/or the Student(s) for promotional purposes. However the Schools will at all times respect your wishes and/or the wishes of any Student who does not wish to participate in such promotions. If You and/or Student(s) do not indicate that You are unwilling to participate in such photographs and videos it will be deemed that You have given Your consent to appear.


Apart from Courses provided by third parties, TECLA will endeavour to rectify any problems arising in the UK over accommodation, entertainment and travel extras in your Package. In order to assist You and/or the Student(s) TECLA will provide You and/or the Student (s) with emergency contact numbers to contact throughout your/their stay. TECLA will endeavour to ensure that your Package is delivered as described to You and to your satisfaction. In the event that You have a complaint, any such complaint must be made in writing to:

TECLA shall not be held liable for any losses or damage to personal belongings or personal injury whilst You and/or Student(s) are on a Package. TECLA do not exclude liability for death or personal injury arising through their negligence whilst You and/or Student(s) are on the Package but do not otherwise accept liability for loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims whilst undertaking the Course or whilst under the care of a Group Leader.


The terms and conditions above apply to bookings for individuals and group reservations. In addition, the terms and conditions below apply specifically to group reservations. Where the terms and conditions below conflict with the above terms and conditions, the terms and conditions below shall prevail in respect of group reservations only.

To make a reservation for a number of group places TECLA must receive:

  1. The Group Reservation Enrolment Form with as much detail as possible about the group.
  2. A non refundable deposit of £200 GBP per student to be credited to the TECLA Client Account for the exact number of places to be reserved upon booking. It is only possible to ask for a refund of the deposit within 7 days of booking a Package. Once 7 days has elapsed, TECLA shall not refund any deposits. It is also possible to make full payment of fees upon booking. Full payment details will be provided with a break down of the Package.
  3. The balance of the total group invoice must be credited to the TECLA Client Account no later than 40 days before the arrival date. If such balance is not paid by that time the booking will lapse and the deposit is not refundable.

The Enrolment Form on its own does not constitute a reservation and does not guarantee availability of places. A place will be confirmed once TECLA have received a completed form accompanied by the deposit. Once You are enrolled a certificate of enrolment and course details and information regarding the Package will be provided.

On receipt of the Enrolment Form TECLA will send a pro-forma invoice together with a Student Details Form which must be completed and returned to TECLA with the full payment and final details of the Students in the group  no less than 40 days before the arrival date otherwise TECLA reserves the right to cancel the booking. Places cannot be finalised until payment is received.


Fees are only accepted as having been paid when they have cleared in the TECLA Client Account. TECLA reserves the right to charge interest on late payments.

Prices for groups are calculated using the initial number provided by the organiser. In order to accommodate varying number of individuals receiving the Packages, TECLA reserves the right to change prices for groups up to 21 days before the date of commencement of the Package.