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F-1 Public High School Programmes


Rolling Admissions


14 - 18


From US$ 19.530


Min Term - 1 Semester

Heading 2

About the Course

The F-1 Public High School Program offers international students a fantastic chance to fully embrace American culture while receiving a top-notch education. Our mission is to provide tailored, traditional American high school experiences that cater to each student's unique needs.

With access to over 60 public school districts, students can choose their preferred study destination. Whether it's the sun-soaked beaches of Miami, the vibrant city life of Chicago, or the thrilling outdoor adventures of Denver, the F-1 Public High School Program can turn your dreams into reality.

With the F1 Programme students can find their perfect school match. Whether it's a specific class, club, or sport, they'll be connected with the district that suits them best. Thanks to the diverse array of options available, we're confident that we can accommodate most requests.

Recognizing the importance of the host family experience, potential host families are carefully vetted to ensure a welcoming and enriching environment. Each student is also assigned a local representative who can assist with any concerns or questions.

With our wide range of exciting options and dedicated support, we're confident that our international students will have an unforgettable high school exchange adventure that will last forever in their hearts,

Why choose the F-1 PROGRAM ?

  • Program for those students who are serious about their career studies

  • You can choose desiderable locations such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and Orlando

  • Wide choice of sports, clubs, and advanced level classes

  • Possibility of graduation

  • Varied Levels of English abilities accepted

  • Official transcripts are provided

  • Rolling admissions throughout the year

  • Over 60 school districts to choose from located throughout the USA

  • You can select city and district (at no additional fee)


  • Application Fees

  • ELTis English test

  • Consultation meeting with the candidate (online)

  • Support in filling the Registration online form and Visa application

  • School tuitions

  • Homestay fees

  • Health Insurance

  • Transfer from the airport to the host family and vice versa (at the beginning and end of the programme)

  • 24/7 Emergency assistance

  • SEVIS Fee

  • Custodianship (Constant presence on site of a guardian who will look after the wellbeing of the students)

  • Constant Programme Supervision

  • 1 Year- Free online course

Includes free 1yr online course

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