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Junior Courses

With its vibrant cities, epic scenery and laid-back lifestyle, Australia is a top choice for the adventurous students. Whether they are looking to surf in Bondi or interested in visiting Sydney, Melbourne, or Queensland’s sunshine capital Brisbane, we can offer a whole range of Aussie locations. We can offer courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Bondi, Darwin, Cairns and the Gold Coast.

Learning doesn’t just have to take place in the classroom! Thanks to the social activity programmes, students get to experience the cultural highlights of their chosen destination too – from surfing the waves and relaxing on the beach, to visiting fascinating museums and exploring the national parks, Australia offers life changing Study Abroad experiences.

We can offer a wide variety of courses for juniors over the summer period, courses are available for children and teenagers and we offer all sorts of solutions. We have family courses, for kids coming with their parents, junior holiday programs, Study tours and Primary and High school preparation programs.

Prices vary according to Type of boarding, intensity of the course, school, etc. Please contact us and we will find the best solution for you according to students’ age, experience with these types of courses, preferences in terms of location and activities, intensity of course and budget.


We offer a wide variety of General English courses and Preparation for exams courses in all Australian destinatons.

We have English courses at all levels and for all ages, General English Courses, Conversational Courses, Preparation for IELTS, Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE, TOEIC, Primary and High school preparation courses ,for those students looking to study in Australian schools, we can also offer English for Academic Purposes courses, English for Business courses and English for specific purposes courses.

For those students looking to explore Australia while studying, we have the "English Study Tours Programmes", available for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin. These courses can cater to different clientele and to different needs; from fully integrated, academic based programs, to more adventure based off-campus programs. The majority of the courses start anytime during the year, Length of courses can vary, starting from minimum 1 week for General English courses. More specific courses have specific start dates and a set course length.

For more information, please contact us with your requirements.

Australian High school students
International High School Programme in Australia

Australia attracts many secondary school students each year, offering them a high-quality and internationally recognised education.

Why Choose Australia?

  • Australia is a safe and welcoming country
    Australia is a safe and welcoming place for international students It is also very multicultural and you may find many of the comforts of your home country.

  • You will complete a high-quality course of study
    Many Australian schools offer places to international students, with each state and territory providing its own senior secondary certificate. An alternative to the standard certificates is the International Baccalaureate (IB). The IB is offered by approximately 150 Australian schools and is recognised for university entrance around the world.

  • Australian secondary school study can lead to further education opportunities in Australia
    Completing secondary school in Australia may help you get into a further course of study at an Australian university, Technical and Further Education Institute (TAFE) or private college.

  • You will be able to practise English with native speakers
    You will get the opportunity to speak English every day with your teachers, classmates and everyone else around you.

  • Your school offer many support services to foreign students.
    Australian schools provide plenty of support to help you feel ‘at home’ when you arrive. Typically, services cover airport pick-up, academic and language assistance, counselling and peer support groups. You can also get involved in the school’s extracurricular activities, which will include everything from sports teams to hobby clubs.

  • Easy Student Visas
    It’s relatively easy and quick to obtain a student visa to study in Australia.

  • Ideal Location
    Australia’s location makes it extremely easy to travel to neighbouring islands and countries like New Zealand. It is also in close proximity to Tasmania, Christmas island, and the South East Asia.

  • Beautiful Beaches
    Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you like surfing, snorkelling or just laying out and get tan,you'll find the perfect beach for you.

  • Exotic Wildlife
    Australia is one of the most biologically diverse landscapes in the world. It is home to some of the cutest animals on Earth, like the Koala, Quokka and Kangaroo.

    We offer a wide selection of types of schools and locations, ranging from Public to private schools, day only to boarding schools in several locations within Australia.

    Please contact us to request detailed information on our High School Programmes.


Teachers Training Courses (TESOL)

In cooperation with I.H.Australia, We can offer a range of TESOL courses which will help you to qualify for teaching positions in Australia and internationally. We can offer the following:

  • Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).
    The number one TEFL qualification in the world, opens doors to an exciting and varied career in the global EFL industry.

  • Cambridge DELTA
    It is an advanced TESOL qualification for those who wish to expand and deepen their teaching knowledge and skills.

    introduces students to current teaching methods, practical teaching ideas and a range of resources. It is designed for non-native speakers who want to learn more about the field of teaching and enter the English language teaching profession. No teaching experience is required.

  • Teacher Professional Development Course
    Specially designed courses that can help experienced teachers expand and build on their knowledge and skills.

  • English for Teaching Younger Learners ETYL/TECSOL
    This course prepares participants to teach English to children 4 to 12 years of age. It is available to students with an Intermediate English level. It will help students develop their language skills, and introduce teaching methodology and activities for teaching younger learners. Peer teaching and observation are also key aspects of this course. Participants can also gain real teaching experience through optional work experience programmes in accredited pre-schools.

  • J-Shine
    This course is aimed at native Japanese students and prepares This course prepares Japanese speakers who have an Intermediate English level to work as an assistant English Language teacher in schools throughout Japan. We also have a wide variety of teacher training courses focus on specific aspects.

    Whether you are totally new to teaching or an experienced teacher, these courses will boost your CV and will open up a world of possibilities to teach and travel.

    Please contact us to request detailed information on our Teacher Training Programmes


Online Courses

We offer a wide variety of online courses in groups or private tuitions, intensive or less intensive.

  • General English Courses
  • Online English Conversation Classes
  • Preparation for Exams (FCE, CAE and CPE, IELTS and Trinity),
  • Teacher Training Courses (CELTA, DELTA, CLIL, Business Cultural Training Certificates and a wide variety of short online courses for newly qualified or experienced teachers).
  • Executive English Courses - online training options designed for professionals.

    Please contact us to request detailed information on your chosen course.

English + Volunteering

This program will help students gain life experience, learn new skills and knowledge, develop new interests, expand their work portfolio and make a meaningful impact on society.
We have a number of Volunteer programs that are designed to help students engage in the local community:

English + Community Volunteering

With this programme students are encouraged to get involved with and become part of their local community.

English + Child Care Volunteering

Experience working with Australian children and childcare professionals, and gain practical experience working with children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years old in an English speaking environment with professionally trained staff.

English + Eco Volunteering

Help save the reef! – Learn how to scuba dive, gain an understanding of the environmental issues facing the marine eco-system and use your new skills to contribute to the preservation of coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

Help conserve native wildlife! – By joining this program, you will have the opportunity to help repair some of the damage created by human development and natural disasters to Australia’s unique wildlife, and make a real contribution to the conservation of threatened species by protecting indigenous animals and plants.

Help conserve the environment! – The goal of this project is to contribute to conservation of the Australian environment in various regions in Australia. Projects are available in different states including Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. A great way to travel!

Please contact us to request detailed information on this Programme.

English + Demi-pair

Being a demi-pair is just like being an au-pair but part-time. With this program, you can study English while having a complete Australian cultural experience living and working with an Australian family, and also saving money!

In exchange for 15 hours of work per week in the family, you will receive free accommodation with the family and 3 meals per day.

Demi-pair Programme (unpaid)
This program is open to both males and females aged 18 years old and over and coming to Australia on a Student visa or Working Holiday Visa to study English for a minimum of 3 months.

  • 12 week program
  • Full-time (9am to 3.35pm) and part-time study options (9am to 12.25pm) available
  • Tasks include 50% housework and 50% childcare
  • Available for students on a Working Holiday or Student visa

    Demi-pair Plus Programme (paid)

    This is a new version of our demi-pair program for which students receive accommodation and 3 meals per day + a remuneration ($60 per week for 15hrs of work per week).
    Placement conditions for Demi-pair Plus are:
  • 12 week program
  • Good spoken English during the interview
  • 1-2 Babysitting References​
  • Experience completing household tasks unsupervised

    Please contact us to request detailed information on this Programme.

English + Internship

If you are planning to go to Australia on a Working Holiday visa or Student visa and would you like to gain work experience and practise your new English skills in a business environment, the English + Internship program is the right one for you!

We can offer 2 different English + Internship programs:.

  • English + Work Experience Program.
  • English + Professional Internship Placement

    Students must study English for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to their internship and reach at least an Intermediate level of English for the English + Work Experience Program, or an Upper-Intermediate level of English for the English + Professional Internship Placement. Internships are available for students aged 18 and over.

    All internship placements are unpaid and are available within these areas!

    • Accounting
    • Advertising
    • Administration
    • Architecture
    • Engineering
    • Event Management
    • Fashion
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • IT
    • Logistics
    • Marketing &
    • Communications
    • Media
    • Public Relations
    • Sports Management
    • Tourism & Hospitality

      *All internship areas are subject to availability.

      Please contact us to request detailed information on this Programme.

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