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International High School Programme in the USA


If you are adventurous and open minded and you love the American culture, apply for a High School Programme experience in the USA.
You will experience a new type of schooling, improve your English, try new sports and join new clubs, you will also make new friends, become a real a global citizen, and most importantly, you will live the experience of a lifetime!

We have several different types of High School Programmes, fitting all types of budgets and preferences, we have day schools and boarding schools, public schools and private schools. For the keen sportsmen and women we also have a campus where students can do their High school programme while practicing their chosen sport for the whole year.

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High School Student Exchange Programme (J1- Type Visa)

This is an absolutely unique experience for those students wishing to know more about the American culture, as it allows them to study in an American school and live with an American family for a whole academic semester or a whole academic year.

The Exchange Program offers foreign students a complete cultural experience (more than a formally academic one) of the American life style living with an American host family. Students participating in this program come with the J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitor Program).

It is important to understand that this Program is a cultural not an Academic exchange,  therefore students cannot choose the school, the type of course or a specific club or sport or host family.

Why Choose this Programme.

  • The United States is the country that hosts the largest number of exchange students in the world and this is why American organizations are strictly controlled and regulated by local authorities.
  • The cost is far more convenient in comparison with other Countries>
  • To improve the English language in a Country and a culture different from the European one
  • To live a unique and wonderful experience!

    Requirements to join the Programme.

  • You must be minimum 15 year old and maximum 18 and a half years old at the time of departure.
  • You must have achieved good school results
  • You must pass an English test
  • You must be a non-smoker/not use drugs
  • You don't have health problems
  • You must have all mandatory vaccinations as requested.

    This is a Limited number of places Programme, available until places have been filled. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Package includes.

  • Return air ticket with scheduled flights
  • Flight insurance
  • Health/medical insurance
  • English Test (ELTis)
  • SEVIS Fee
  • Meet and Greet at the airport on arrival and transfer to the host family and vice versa .
  • Assistance in completing the online enrolment form
  • Informative meetings with the candidate (in person or Via Zoom/Skype, etc)
  • Application for Visa at the Relevant Consulate and Interview booking for the Candidate (whenever possible)
  • 24/7 Assistance for emergencies
  • Accommodation in a host family with room and board
  • School Program
  • Guardianship service in loco
  • Program supervision

    Price for One Academic Semester -  €9,900
    Price for Academic Year -  €10,600

Group Of Diverse Students Standing In Front Of American Flag Showing Thumb Up

F-1 Public High School Programme

The Public High School Program provides international students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture while pursuing an excellent education. F-1 Public High School Program is certain we can meet the majority of requests.

Why Choose this Programme.

  • Flexible program that allows your students to choose the district that they want to attend.
  • Wide variety of options across the US can appeal to any students and can accommodate a range of budgets.
  • District options are in exciting cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Miami, and Denver.
  • Flexible F-1 Visa allows for re-entry to the U.S. during the program.
  • Students are able to pursue their passions, hobbies, athletics, and even graduate.
  • Short term program options available. Paid host families allow for quick and high quality placements

Group Of Diverse Students Standing In Front Of American Flag Showing Thumb Up

F-1 Private High School Programme - Choice

The program began in 1997 in an effort to offer various options to international students. Private schools in the United States offer excellent educational opportunities for American and international students alike. Some of the most exceptional high school are working on this program with elite boarding and day schools reviewing applications of our students each year.

Families are willing to open their homes in exchange for the cultural experience of hosting an international student. While living with a volunteer family, students will attend high level private schools with excellent facilities, and challenging academic programs.

Key elements of this Programme.

  • Subjects - Many schools offer specialized courses in addition to the basic courses offered at all high schools
  • Housing - Choose between staying with a caring host family in the local community or a student residence hall on campus.
  • Location - We can place you in private high schools in various regions of the United States.
  • Hobbies - Various Schools offer a variety of specialized interest courses such as photography, fencing, dance, and more.
  • School Size - Some students thrive in the close-knit atmosphere of a smaller school, while others prefer the stimulation of a larger school.
  • Price - Program fees vary widely. What is your budget, and how flexible is it?

  • Why Choose this Programme.

  • Students are able to choose the exact school and location where they would like to study.
  • Students are able to review information on potential schools before they apply such as academic courses, sports, clubs, and more.
  • There are opportunities for students with low English levels.
  • There is no application deadline for the Private High School Program.
  • Students are able to decide between boarding schools and day schools.
  • The program has flexible admission requirements.
  • Students with special needs have various options within the program.

Group Of Diverse Students Standing In Front Of American Flag Showing Thumb Up

F-1 Private High School Programme - Basic

F-1 Basic Program is designed for students who are more flexible when it comes to choosing their school. Our partners chooses the school for each student based on their program preferences. The F-1 Private Basic Program strives to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to study at a high level private school while staying with a volunteer host family.

Families are Volunteer families, willing to open their homes in exchange for the cultural experience of hosting an international student. While living with the family, students will attend high level private schools with excellent facilities, and challenging academic programs.

It is important for parents and students to know that they are not able to choose their school or location. Students must be willing to accept a placement in any region of the United States. Since this is an F-1 program, any student may return for multiple years of study.

Why Choose this Programme.

  • Students are able to study for multiple years on the F-1 Private Basic Program
  • The program allows students to participate in school sports and activities
  • All volunteer host families are thoroughly screened
  • Graduation is available at most F-1 Basic Private High Schools
  • Personalized and caring service

IMG academy

IMG Sport Boarding School

With a seamless methodology that cultivates academic growth, athletic improvement, character development, and social responsibility, IMG Academy's boarding school program prepares student-athletes to become tomorrow's leaders and influencers, both in sport and in life. IMG's prestigious history combines elite athletic accomplishments with unparalleled college placement, creating an overall campus environment that’s both supportive yet challenging.

MG Academy's championship culture transcends more than just athletic fields and courts. Student-athletes from around the world enroll in the middle school, high school, or post-graduate program with a common goal of pushing themselves to reach their personal best.

IMG Academy operates on a full year block schedule that involves both school and sport training daily. Student-athlete schedules can vary between morning academics with afternoon training or vice versa, creating the ideal environment to optimize all aspects of education and athletics. Student-athletes must be diligent in their school, sport and community duties, with a willingness to give their all in each area.

There's a reason why IMG Academy has earned the reputation as the ultimate training ground for passionate student-athletes.Their state-of-the-art campus is dedicated to total development and innovation. Each sport program is developed and managed by a team of expert coaches, former athletes and specialized trainers. The combination of expert staff and world-class facilities results in an athletic institution unmatched by any other.

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