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Teambuilding, Diversity and Inclusion


A one-day seminar for project managers, supervisors and team members involved in the operational aspects of teambuilding, diversity and inclusion.  An essential component of working with multinational, international and diverse distributed teams.  The course is specifically oriented to the nationalities you deal with.


  • Need to know – identifying key focus issues.
  • The 7 –isms of diversity and how they affect you legally and operationally.
  • Exercise: Typical team issues at work and how to resolve them.

Key issues in national teams: motivation, selection, leadership, work process, team meetings and results.


  • Exercise: Communication issues in different nationality teams.  Application to key stakeholder nationalities.
  • Exercise: Cultural style profile and how to deal with multinational and international staff.
  • 80/20 principle and the RADAR system for identifying and resolving diversity issues at work.

Action planning and close.

Please note these are corporate courses. For more information please contact us directly.

  • Books and apple
Duration: 1 day
Venue: In-house or client premises
Numbers: One-to-one or groups of up to ten
Documentation: Course manual and communications briefing
Equipment: Data projector, one flipchart per five delegates

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