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English for Living Abroad

This course is designed specifically for learners planning to live and study abroad in an English-speaking country. There is an emphasis on meeting the immediate social and psychological needs of individuals from NESB (non English speaking backgrounds), who are preparing to live, or who are in the process of adapting to everyday life, in an English-speaking environment.

Learners of all levels will benefit from this course, however learners of intermediate level and below are likely to have some difficulty with some exercises.
Conversely, learners at High Advanced Level are unlikely to find this course
linguistically challenging. Yet,more competent learners will find the
content enlightening and stimulating.

This course provides cultural knowledge and introduces learners to ‘survival’ English language. The interactive exercises enable learners to practise their language skills using the models provided.

At the end of this course, learners are expected to have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Introduce themselves and a 3rd person
  • Begin and end a conversation
  • Ask for clarification and keep a conversation going
  • Make small talk through expressing likes and dislikes and preference
  • Ask about and respond to house rules
  • Make an appropriate polite request
  • Offer to help
  • Find out about daily routines
  • Share information about their family, school, city and country
  • Discuss family relationships
  • Understand service encounters (the language of shopping)
  • Deal with minor health issues or items lost
  • Talk about future plans
  • Recognise and accept cultural difference.



  • Level – Non specific (learners at all levels)
  • Hours of Learning – 36 Hours

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How does the online course work?

Once you buy the course, we'll send you a link and your personal code which you will use to access the site and start learning.

Do I need to download any software on my PC?

No, you will not need to download anything, all you need is to click onto the link you will be sent, which will lead you to the online course site.  All you need is a PC and internet access.

Do I have a specific time to finish the course?

Yes courses have a specific length of time or number of hours which have been set considering the most effective outcome

What happens if the time runs out and I have not managed to finish my course yet?

No problems, just contact us and we'll reset it for you.

If I get the general English course how do I know what level should I go for?

We will send you an initial test which will help you establish your leve

lIs it easy to use?

The course is very easy to use, you just have to follow it step-by-step.

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