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Cultural Training Moving abroad


This one day training program is designed to help assignees and their families relocating successfully to their new destinations. The program is tailored precisely to the requirements of the company and the course participants.  It can be part of UK induction programmes for overseas assignees or for pre-briefings for UK assignees and families.

What you will learn

  • Background to the country, the people, the region and the place you will be living in.
  • How to communicate effectively and build good relations in the community.
  • Do’s and dont’s of local life.
  • The TECLA’s twelve step settling in guide.
  • How to deal with culture shock.
  • Your personal cultural profile and how to compare it with the people you are living among.

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Module 1:

Need to know: aims and objectives.
The place you are living in and the people you will meet, their values and expectations compared to yours.

Module 2: The Twelve step settling in guide. 1-6
Settling in.

Amenities and local facilities.
Public transport.

Module 3: The twelve step settling in guide 7-12

Running a car.
Doctors, hospitals and opticians.
Hobbies and personal requirements.
Leisure and entertainment.
Making friends in the community.

Module 4: The personal cultural style profile (90 minutes)

Personal style profile.
Dealing with culture shock.
Review of key messages.
Action planning.

This course is run by Barry Tomalin – a writer, trainer and lecturer, specialising in cross-cultural communication.
He is visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster and the author of ‘The World’s Business Cultures and How to Unlock Them’. (Thorogood Publications 2007) and of Culturesmart:Italy (Kuperard Publications) under the penname of Charles Abbott. He trains in English and in French and has worked in over 50 countries during his career.

Please note these are corporate courses. For more information please contact us directly.


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Duration: 1 day
Venue: In-house or client premises
Numbers: One-to-one or groups of up to ten
Documentation: Course manual and communications briefing

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