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Young Adult Focus Course- London -Ages 16-17

This school was founded in 1968 and is superbly located in the centre of London.

This is a Programme designed specifically for students aged 16 –17 years old who are too old for a young learner programme but too young to join an adult course. Focused on the specific needs of this age group (e.g. confidence building, socialisation skills, presentation skills), this programme is also designed to help students’ academic development at school and in University, offering students the choice to take the FCE exam at the end of the course.

2 weeks course

From 5 July to 1 August

Package includes:

  • 20 hours per week in multinational classes
  • Half Board ResidentialAccommodation
  • End of Course Certificate
  • 5 activities per week ( Teacher-led)
  • Transfers from/to the Airport
  • Insurance
FCE exam at the end of the course available (4 week students only). Please contact us for more information.

If you need a VISA, please contact us before booking online.

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London Eye

Activities include:


  • Tour of London
  • Cricket in Regents Park
  • Pub Evenings

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At this school of English they run innovative courses that equip the students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in their international life. Students can expect to be taught English as a life skill, rather than a school subject. This means that they can look forward to classes that are focused around them and their individual needs, undertaking topical tasks that are relevant and interesting to them. By adopting a student-focused approach, utilising small class sizes of a maximum of 8 students, workshop classes to learn practical skills and classes that last a full hour; this course will help students to achieve fast results and achieve all of their goals.

Plenary Sessions

Designed to bring all students together at the start and end of the day to further enhance the school community. Morning sessions are designed to “warm up” students' brains to English with afternoons designed to help them reflect on their days’ work.

Fluency Skills

Workshop classes improving students spoken and written fluency, confidence and effectiveness when communicating in English. Students will engage in spoken performance, presenting and team tasks with the teacher acting as a guide. Tasks are often initiated by students and based on their own interests. Special focus is made on pronunciation and clarity.


A small class (max. 8 students) designed to improve students accuracy in English. Classes focus on grammar, sentence structure, use of tenses and vocabulary development. Students will receive focused, personalised attention from the teacher, offering them very fast progression.

Expertise Classes

A class with a personal approach, focused on building your individual expertise and based around the  students individual goals, their weaknesses are quickly identified and improved and they are equipped with practical skills that will benefit them in their day-to-day life, ensuring their success well into the future.


  • Designed for students aged 16 –17 years old who are too old for a young learner programme but too young to join an adult course.
  • Focused on the specific needs of this age group (e.g. confidence building, socialisation skills, presentation skills
  • Academic focus to help students’ academic development at school and in University
  • 20 hours per week
  • 10 hours workshop classes (max. 12 students) and 10 hours skills classes (max. 8 students) per week
  • FCE exam at the end of the course (4 week students only).

At the end of the programme students are given the possibility of taking the FCE exam. This is usually only for those  students enrolling for the 4 week programme, unless their starting level is already good. Price for the exam is £ 145. If  in doubt, please contact us.

Upon joining the courses, you will:

  • Improve your overall English skill and level through continuous and engaging practise
  • Use English accurately with the correct pronunciation, grammar and sentence structure
  • Be able to write in English clearly, using appropriate and varied styles
  • Become more confident in your personal, academic & professional life
  • Be taught by experienced, highly qualified, professional teachers who care about and guarantee your rapid progression
  • Meet and learn about native and foreign cultures in the school's  international environment
  • Learn skills to help your success in all aspects of your personal, academic and professional life



  • Variety of social and cultural events to experience the best that London has to offer
  • Allows further opportunity to practise your English
  • You can spend time with your fellow students and  increase your international network
  • 5 teacher-led activities per week
  • Optional weekend excursions to popular UK towns, cities and sights (not included in the price)



Residence accommodation on a half board basis—school staff representatives in residence

Twin Host family accommodation, zone 3/4 half board. No two students of same nationality in each host.

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