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Bournemouth – Special offer – Age 16+

Bournemouth is one of the main destinations for English Language study in the UK. Excellent facilities for visitors, a mild climate, convenient transport links and a safe environment all combine to make Bournemouth an ideal location both for studying and enjoyment.

The school is located near the city centre, beach and residential areas. Facilities include classrooms equipped with the latest technological aids including interactive whiteboards and iPads, a cafeteria, serving snacks and hot lunches, a patio with seating and a table tennis table.

2 weeks course

From 7 January to 9 June &

From 25 August to 22 December

Package includes

  • 20 lessons per week in multinational classes
  • Full Board Homestay Accommodation  in single room
  • Activity Programme with afternoon and evening activities
  • 1 half day trip per week
  • 1 full day trip per week.
  • All course books and materials
  • Student Welcome pack and gifts
  • Welcome, orientation and placement test
  • Leaving Certificate and End of Course Report
  • 24 hour care good supervision and high level of security
  • Insurance


  • Anglo-Classroom
  • Anglo-Cafe-1
  • Anglo-Social-1
  • Anglo-Computer-Lab
  • Anglo-Entrance-2
  • Anglo-Outside-1
  • Anglo-Outside-2
  • Anglo-School-1
  • Anglo-School-2
  • Anglo-Social-1
  • Anglo-Social-2

Excursions include

  • London
  • Oxford
  • Bath
  • Winchester
  • Portsmouth
  • Salisbury
  • Stonehenge

From: £1,260

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Students  will receive a transfer confirmation giving detailed instructions of where to meet the school representatives at the airport on arrival.

Students arriving on flights with similar arrival times will be grouped together and will travel to the centre together.

In the unlikely event that the student cannot board their departure flight as planned due to problems with the airline (e.g. Because of airline overbooking), The school will take the student back to the most convenient centre to continue the programme until the next available flight. The extra transfers and accommodation charges must be covered by the airline compensation or insurance payments given to the student.

All transfers are done using reputable coach and taxi companies who use modern, safe vehicles.  Arriving students should go to the information desk in their terminal. (N.B for those arriving at Terminal 5 London Heathrow, the meeting place is outside Costa coffee house, directly opposite the Arrivals exit.) Here they will be met by a member of staff . During busy weekends Anglo European operates a welcome centre for students arriving at Heathrow Airport at the Heathrow Hilton Hotel, which is a safe environment away from the busy airport, where students can relax before being taken to their different schools. There are a variety of activities and games as well as a film being shown. On arrival students are welcomed and registered and their luggage is stored safely. They are given a sticker with the name of their school so they can easily spot their friends going to the same school and a member of staff explains all the activities on offer and what time their onward transfer will be. There is food and drink available all day. During the busiest arrival days there are usually 3 departures per centre. Students will be met at the school by the Centre Manager.

Departing students will be accompanied to or met at the terminal by the school staff. A member of staff will then assist them with check In.  When there are a single or small number of transfers, the student or students may not be accompanied / met by a member of staff. In this case a named driver will assist the student or students to check in or will  meet the students at the information desk.

Students making their own arrangements for airport transfer must give us their flight details and estimated arrival time. They will be sent joining instructions, giving the address of the residence and the ideal arrival and departure times. The ideal arrival time is mid-afternoon on Sunday and the ideal departure time is before midday on a Sunday. If these times are not possible, the parent can contact the Centre Manager, whose number is given on the centre pages, to advise the times.



The school is in a large traditional English house which contains the reception, 9 classrooms, a cafeteria, a study room, a student computer room and offices and there is a patio outside. The classrooms are comfortably furnished and well equipped with modern educational aids like video and CD players. Some of them also have interactive whiteboards which allow all the resources of the internet to be used during the lessons. There are also 16 ipads for classroom use.

The school has a cafeteria where students can buy cold and hot drinks and snacks. In the cafeteria there is a large plasma screen HD TV which is used for regular shows.

The school also has a karaoke machine, a Wii computer game console, a pool table and vending machines. The student computer room has 15 computers which students are free to use for free whenever they like. There is also a wi-fi facility which enables students to have their own laptops, ipads to connect to the internet anywhere in the building. On the patio there is seating and tables for 80 people and a table tennis table, In the summer time barbecues are often held on the patio.


Students will follow a programme specially designed to meet the needs of their age group, both inside and outside the classroom.

Lessons are linked to activities and excursions in order to make sure students get the most out of their stay.



Breakfast and dinner are provided at home, lunches are provided in the school's canteen, except on excursions when a packed-lunch is given to all students. During week ends lunches are also provided at home. Wholesome and varied food is served and special dietary requirements can be catered for. Please advise us at the time of enrollment if a student has any special dietary requirements.



Summer courses include a comprehensive Activity Programme of excursions, sports and activities – Full activity programme every afternoon and evening, including a variety of sports and other activities. One full-day and one half-day excursions per week. Full day excursions are organised to destinations such as London, Oxford Bath and Brighton. Half day excursions are organised to destinations such as Salisbury and Stonehenge, Winchester, Portsmouth, Swanage and the New Forest. All excursions are accompanied by a member of the school's staff.



Students taking any medicines should give their medicines to the school staff as soon as they arrive on the campus. Clear written instructions (in English) on how the medicines should be administered must be obtained from the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and given to the school staff as well.  Students should also inform us of any allergies they may suffer from.

If students feel ill during their course they should tell a member of staff immediately. They will then be able to provide any assistance that may be required.   In the UK, for students from most European Union countries and others with reciprocal arrangements, general medical treatment is usually free.  Prescription charges apply to prescribed medicine.  Students from other countries will usually have to pay to see a doctor.





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