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American English – Boston – Ages 14-17

One of the oldest cities in the USA, Boston was founded by Colonists from England in 1630 and has been the stage for many significant events throughout the country’s history. Nowadays the city is world famous for academia and it is home  to some of Americas most prestigious institutions.

The program introduces students progressively to the pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and phrasing of American English. Students come to recognize the vital nuances of the language while expanding their own language competencies. This program also explores the unique cultural elements that make up American society, as well as a heightened focus on American civilization. Students gain a mature perspective on the language they are acquiring as well as the global context in which it is practiced.

2 week course

From 7 June to 29 August 2020 (continuous enrolment)

Package includes:

  • A 17.5 hour week in study groups of one tutor to 8 students as well as afternoon cultural visits.
  • Homestay Accommodation in shared rooms
  • Full Board meal plan
  • Workbook and course certificate
  • Leisure activities
  • Full day excursion
  • Arrival / departure transfer on standard dates and time
This course runs throughout the whole year. Students must purchase an insurance when studying in the USA
1 week course = US$2,120
2 to 11 week course= US$2000 per week

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This programme offers its students the opportunity to acquire a spontaneous command of English during their linguistic stay. It is by taking advantage of the dynamism of the city of Boston that students aged 14 to 17 from all over the world come together. Courses limited to 4 students per class are the guarantee of an intense linguistic stay.



Boston is both a sprawling metropolis and a beautiful harbour town. Set in pleasant New England, it is favourable in all seasons; spring flowers in full bloom, summer watching the sailboats, autumn foliage turning the city amber, red and gold, and snow turning Boston into a winter wonderland. Located in beautiful Back Bay in downtown Boston, students will enjoys fantastic views of the city from the school's art-deco building shared with consulates from Turkey, Spain, Colombia and France. The  school in set within a desirable Boston area, near the famous Newbury street with its wealth of boutique and designer shops.


The day combines formal language coaching in the morning with an afternoon program of workshops, research, self-study, and cultural studies by way of field trips. Students are immersed in American English and the local culture, which allows them to gain a mature perspective on both, the language, and the global context in which it is practiced.

Comprehension, expression, accuracy and cultural studies

Morning classes are dedicated to controlled practice in language structures and lexis development to achieve a good command of grammar structures, idioms, and vocabulary. Instructors set activities to sharpen understanding of written text through reading and listening exercises, which are based on a wide range of authentic materials.

Afternoon workshops and projects Afternoon workshops encourage fluency and use of the language through presentations, team projects and field trips to cultural centers such as museums and historical sites. Daily self-study allows students to focus on individual goals.

TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, FCE, GMAT, SAT, ACT and other exam preparation

Students who are preparing for exams are coached in exam techniques and strategies, and receive regular individualized feedback on progress and specific areas for improvement. The timetable includes real-time practice examinations, coaching in exam skills, weekly individual speaking tests, and listening, writing, reading, and pronunciation practice.


 Learn American English

The day begins with an English course program designed to allow students to
to acquire the linguistic reflexes that make the language alive and fluid.Depending on the level of each group, the courses cover the basics of the language (grammar,vocabulary, idioms) and enrich them with the nuances of the language as used in the United States.
The afternoon is devoted to group research projects on cultural themes,scientific and societal aspects of American civilisation. This programme, which focuses on American culture, allows trainees to take a mature look at both the language they have chosen to study and the overall context in which it is used.
Learn to be in American English
One of the strong points of the training is the importance given to speaking out. Public speaking workshops are part of the American high school curriculum and it is this approach that is used in the school's pedagogy.
The training encourages the trainees' intellectual curiosity by familiarising them with the
specificities of the speech of a presenter, an entrepreneur, a politician, an American journalist.



Every week, leisure activities complete the course programme. During their language stay in Boston, students have the opportunity to discover baseball, participate in a hip-hop dance workshop and explore Boston and its exciting history with the school's coaching team.



Accommodation is with host families living across a large area of the town. Host families show the students how to get to school on the first day. All host families are thoroughly inspected and their credentials checked. Students are never housed with other students of the same mother tongue to enhance language learning.

Boston Logan Airport is situated on the outskirts of the city and takes only a 10 minute taxi ride to OISE Boston, which can also be reached by metro or bus. Boston has an efficient transport network: the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority. The MBTA is very affordable, and a pass will allow you to use both the metro and the bus system which have services running late into the night.

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