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American English – Boston – Ages 14-17

One of the oldest cities in the USA, Boston was founded by Colonists from England in 1630 and has been the stage for many significant events throughout the country’s history. Nowadays the city is world famous for academia and it is home  to some of Americas most prestigious institutions.

The program takes place at the beautiful and historical Tufts University campus, located 5 minutes from Harvard University and just a 15 minute drive from the centre of Boston. The campus is self-contained and offers a safe and green environment for students to explore. The school grounds feature impressive sports facilities, including tennis courts, a football pitch, volleyball, basketball and a swimming pool. Games include sports such as football and cricket.

2 week course

From 10 July to 06 August


Package includes:

  • 22.5 hours per week of English lessons in multinational classes
  • Residential Accommodation in double rooms
  • Full Board meal plan
  • Leisure Activities
  •  1 full day excursions per week
  • Student Portfolio and Course Certificate
  • Standard teaching materials
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • Insurance


Please note that Residential courses have fixed start dates. Please check the section more information

If you are booking a residential course after 15th April, please contact us  to check availability of places before booking online

If you need a VISA, please contact us  before booking online.



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Excursions include


  • Boston


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This school  is located in central Boston within a safe residential area. Founded in 1852 and set within spacious and elegant grounds, Tufts is one of the America's top colleges. Famous for its medical school and equipped with world-class sporting facilities, Tufts promises an enjoyable environment in which students can concentrate on language study.



The Charles River American English Program

Introducing the learner steadily to the pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and phrasing of American discourse, they come to recognise the vital differences between the two variations of English whilst expanding their own competencies in the language A shift in understanding occurs; the learner begins to view a language as a living, breathing tool that develops upon social and historical lines, that there is no way to truly be 'completely fluent' in a language, and that development will continuously occur over time.

Fluency is always linked to an understanding of the native culture. By introducing the student steadily to the pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and phrasing of American discourse, they come to recognise the distinctiveness of English spoken in America. A shift in understanding occurs; the learner views the language as a living, breathing tool that develops upon social and historical lines.

The course provides a taste of the American campus atmosphere, being situated in historical Tufts University, Boston. The day combines formal language coaching in the morning with an afternoon programme of research
and field trips; these excursions allow the student to absorb the unique cultural elements that make up American society. A level of professionalism and cultural curiosity is imbued into the tuition, familiarising the student
with the vocal characteristics of the American newscaster, entrepreneur, politician and lawyer.

With a heightened focus on American civilization, the course provides the learners with a mature perspective on both the language they have decided to acquire and the global context in which it is practiced.



Students are accommodated in the school residence, each bedroom sleeps 2 students. Meals are provided in
the school dining hall. Special dietary requirements can be considered and a vegetarian option is always



2 weeks - 10 July - 23 July / 17 July - 30 July / 24 July - 06 August

3 weeks - 10 July - 30 July/17 July - 06 August

4 weeks - 10 July - 06 August




9.20 am - Morning Plenary
9.30 am - Octorial™ focusing on Integrated Skills (Vocabulary, Grammar)
11.30 am - Octorial™ focusing on Integrated Skills (Reading and Listening)
2.00 pm - American Culture and Civilisation
3.30 pm - Collective Activities
5.00 pm - Self Study
7.00 pm to  8.00 pm - Collective Activities

The school day is for illustrative purposes and may be subject to change.



Typical activities include football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, swimming, dance lessons, fashion design,
decorative paining, theatre workshops, talent shows, casino nights, disco, film and games nights.
Every Saturday there is a full day excursion into Boston for sightseeing, visiting museums and art galleries.



Students are recommended to prepare for good and bad weather and bring enough warm clothes.
Students should bring suitable sportswear, white-soled footwear for sports halls, swimwear, towel and a sports bag.



Young Learners are greeted by members of the school's courier team from Boston Logan airport within standard hours as part of the package.

please note: in order for us to arrange a transfer, we must receive full ticket information at least 14 days before the date of travel. If these details are not received, the transfer may be cancelled.

Standard transfer times 

Boston Logan (BOS) – 45 minutes


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